GetScriptLogs timing out in workbench
  • I working on debugging one of my scripts and having problems with viewing the log.  

    So I just tried using the sample script in the documentation and still get the same problem of timing out when run from the workbench.  But it works if I copy and paste the url into a browser.  

       apsdb.log.error("This is the error message."); 
       apsdb.log.warn("This is the warning message." );"This is the info message."); 
       apsdb.log.debug("This is the debug message." );

  • Hello Pete,

    Could you please try increasing the time-out of the requests sent by your Workbench? I guess your problem is due to network latency: 

    When opening the workbench page, click on the "preferences" link to the bottom right corner of the sign-in form. In the preferences form, kindly set the time-out to a higher value (default is 10 seconds). 30 seconds to 1 minute should be more than enough.

    Keep me posted.


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