Manage App - List Users - apsdb.creationTime returned field
  • Hi Karim,

    I am trying to know the time the users registered , in another words I need to get the apsdb.creationTime from running ListUsers in apstrata backend manage app , I usually run Manage App - list Users - Query and I get the list of registered users , I am trying to get the apdb.creationTime as well but I am not succeeding.

    Could you please advise.


  • Hi,

    When invoking the "ListUsers" API, just pass the "apsdb.attributes" parameter and set it to the list of attributes you would like to retrieve, such as "apsdb.creationTime", e.g. apsdb.attributes=apsdb.creationTime,login,email

    Note that these values are returned in arrays, e.g.:

    "result": {
    "users": [
    "apsdb.creationTime": [
    "login": [
  • This helps , thank you 

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