Using a 3rd party node-js library in
  • Did not see a forum for so figured I would post the question here rather than send an email so everyone benefits.

    How do I use someone else's github library in my own script? 

    I am working on creating a Slack chatBot and want to program the logic in   This is all new to me so I have to learn about web hooks and I'm using instead of apstrata workbench for server side scripts for the first time.

    Slack recommends using this botkit to access their api.

    The docs mention modules and connecting to github.  In this case I want to use someone else's githiub repository.  Not my own.


  • Hi Pete,

    There is an article on's blog that describes how to do this.

    Note though that is not node.js based and therefore, your library might not work.

  • Thanks for the response.  I looked at the article on the blog.  It explains how to add' github library not someone else's.  Other than using it to find open source libraries I am not very familar with using github to store my own source code.  I did create the access token but I am not sure values I should put in settings for the repository owner, name, branch and path.  
  • Hi Pete,

    Retrieving source code from any Github repository into a account will be supported soon but cannot be done currently. 

    The only repositories you have access to from are your own and scriptrdotio. I suggest that you import the code you are interested in into your Github repository then import the latter to your account using the procedure described in's blog

  • I cloned the botkit and added it to my own repository.  I then changed the github settings in  I am no longer getting the github connection error but I am not seeing any files appearing on the left hand side in the synchronize tab.   

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