ListDevices - API alternating between success and error
  • Hi,

    I started working with Devices in the Apstrata backend and noticed that the result for ListDevices is alternating between success and failure (using the same request). This behaviour occurs within the API explorer, the Manage App section and aswell when calling scripts from the client side.

    The results alternates between the list of devices and INVALID_ACTION error as displayed here (taken from the API Explorer):

    "metadata": {
    "requestId": "a2c84726-c0e7-44a2-9e3b-464eca1925d7", 
    "status": "success", 
    "statusCode": "200"
    "result": {
    "devices": [
    "id": [

    second call: 

    "metadata": {
    "requestId": "4d90282b-45ef-44ab-abac-525ec88ff196", 
    "status": "failure", 
    "errorCode": "INVALID_ACTION", 
    "errorDetail": "", 
    "statusCode": "200"

    and so on ...

    Regards Daniel
  • Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for pointing to this glitch. It should be fixed now. Could you please verify?

  • Hi Karim,

    problem solved 


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